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If you are interested in the AFROTC program hosted by UNC – Chapel Hill, please contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions via email, phone, or sit down in-person. We can even put you in touch with a current Det 590 cadet to give you a first-hand account of the program and cadet life!

A cadet poses with her dog.

“I decided to join Det 590 on a whim right before my freshman year of college. I decided to “try it out” since both my parents served in the AF. After a few months in the program, I knew that I made the right decision. Each of my favorite college memories have been alongside my peers in AFROTC. We have shared so many amazing memories in the program that I will cherish forever. One of my favorite memories in AFROTC was the base visit we went on my freshman year to Air Combat Command. This was the first time that I spent time with my classmates outside of PMT events and we were able to bond and learn so much about each other. In addition, I was able to experience what the AF is like outside of the AFROTC bubble. It was one of the events that showed me that I was where I needed to be. I have been so blessed to have amazing peers to grow with throughout my AFROTC journey and to have them as lifelong friends. It makes me eager to enter active duty and see where the Space Force is going to take me as a person and as a leader.”

“I joined AFROTC to put my natural born ability to lead and to get along with others to the best use possible. My favorite memory has to be playing gator ball during PT and throwing screamers at the goalies’ noggins. I was extremely surprised by how much of a family everyone is and how welcoming and helpful the Cadre is. I love that the program understands that you are human and gives you those tough love moments to help you dig deep and push yourself beyond your expected capabilities. I have grown to be way more of a team-orientated person – my patience while working as a group has grown tremendously. Words of wisdom to future cadets is that it’s you vs. you the entire time and the amount of effort you put into the program will directly impact the amount of skills and knowledge you leave every day with.”

A cadet at the annual 9/11 Memorial Stadium Climb.

Alumni Spotlight

Captain Knight on active duty and as a cadet at Det 590.
Captain Knight, Class of 2015

What is your AFSC and what have your assignments been?

44E3A (Emergency Services Physician), I actually am technically at my first real assignment now at Travis AFB as a CCAT (Critical Care Air Transport) doc. I received an HPSP scholarship for medical school in ROTC, but I ended up going to the military medical school instead at USUHS in Bethesda, Maryland. I graduated from there in 2019 then went to Emergency Medicine Residency at Brooke Army Medical Center (or San Antonio Military Medical Center) in San Antonio, TX for 3 years. Graduated there in 2022 and am not finishing up my first year at my current position at Travis.

Why do you recommend a career in the Air Force?

Not being in 300K+ of debt with the traditional civilian track is honestly really nice. I do owe 11 years for it though so it is definitely something that everyone needs to weigh individually based on their vision of their/their families futures. Through military medicine and USU, I’ve gotten to do rotations in Hawaii, San Diego, Eglin AFB in Florida, etc. Many of my classmates got to travel overseas. So I’ve loved the travel opportunities as well!

Favorite memory of Det 590?

We used to have a flight service event every semester. It was a great way to bond with your flight while giving back to the community. I also LOVED Dining Out, but who doesn’t. You’re able to give your family and closest friends/partner a sneak peek into some of the most fun military traditions. And grogging your peers (and obviously the Cadre) is always so satisfying!

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