Summer Programs

A cadet in a glider at the US Air Force Academy.


Soaring (SOAR) is a fifteen-day program designed to give cadets the opportunity to experience the basic fundamental of flight in nonpowered glider operations. Cadets receive instruction in basic flight through ground school and actual flight, leading up to and possibly including cadet solo. The majority of instruction is conducted by upperclassmen USAFA cadets trained as soaring instructors. The program assumes that cadets have no previous flight experience, and there are no special medical requirements. Training is conducted at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Free Fall 

“During the Summer of 2023, I had the experience of a lifetime! I had the opportunity to visit the United States Air Force Academy and jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I was selected to attend the Freefall program and during my 2 week venture, I got to jump out of a plane 5 times, meet extraordinary ROTC and USAFA cadets, earn my WINGS, and tour the United States Air Force Academy. Not only did I meet some of the brightest cadets in the country, I made some lifelong friends. I would recommend this program and other great opportunities to anyone who is interested.” 

A cadet getting ready to parachute at the US Air Force Academy.
A cadet enjoys the mountain view on her study abroad trip to Taiwan.


“Through ProjectGO (Global Officer) I had the unique opportunity to spend my summer in Taiwan learning Mandarin. We went on many field trips to different places such as Tainan, Hualien and Hsinchu. I also visited many “must see” locations like the night markets, Waiao beach, Alishan mountain and Taipei 101! My favorite part of the trip was not only being able to cultivate new skills but the friendships made along the way. I will continue studying Chinese and hope to achieve fluency!”

USAFA Preparatory BMT Instructor

“The summer before my senior year involved 18 days of basic military training (BMT), 240 basic cadet candidates, 25 USAFA and 20 AFROTC senior cadet trainers. We would wake up at 0400 to bang on the basic’s doors, lead physical training sessions, march…everywhere, inspect rooms and flip beds when they didn’t meet the standard. The duty day didn’t end until 2230 most nights; it was an exhausting time, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. On our few break days, we senior cadets were able to explore Colorado Springs, CO. I was able to network with cadets and forge friendships that will last through my Air Force career.” 

A cadet acting as a USAFA Preparatory BMT Instructor saluting one of her leaders.
Two cadets in service dress at the National Character and Leadership Symposium.

National Character and Leadership Symposium

“This was an amazing experience to be able to hear tips and ideas from very experienced leaders, both within the military and in the civilian sector. It brings together distinguished scholars, military leaders, corporate executives, and world-class athletes to motivate and equip participants for honorable living and effective leadership. It is a two-day event held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a career broadening experience, getting to meet my peers at USAFA and from other AFROTC regions during NCLS was fantastic, I was able to make some lifelong friends and to catch up with old ones.”

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