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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. For more specific questions, see our ask a cadet page!

What is Air Force ROTC?

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is an educational program designed to give men and women the opportunity to become Air Force officers while completing their degrees. The AFROTC program is designed to prepare you to assume positions of increasing responsibility and importance in the modern Air Force.  Much more information about AFROTC may also be found here.

What if I want to fly in the Air Force?

Many people dream of flying, and flight-related careers in the Air Force are referred to as “rated” career fields.  These consist of PilotsCombat Systems Officers (CSO)Air Battle Managers (ABM), and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilots.  Explore the information provided here to see what you can do to maximize your chances of obtaining one of these prestigious careers.

NOTE: Academic major is not a factor for rated selection, and contrary to popular belief a cadet interested in a rated slot and majoring in Engineering, for example, is not given higher consideration over a cadet majoring in a “non-technical” degree.

Can I be a part of ROTC and still participate in other activities on campus?

Yes! You may play sports, join fraternities and sororities, play in the marching band, work and/or fill you spare time as you desire. We encourage you to be well-rounded and involved on campus. The total time commitment for ROTC (including classes, leadership lab, meetings) for freshmen and sophomores is around 6 hours per week. For juniors and seniors who assume leadership roles in the corps, the commitment is approximately 8 hours per week.

How do I apply for an Air Force ROTC scholarship?

More information about AFROTC scholarships and how to apply may be found here.

What if I do not get an Air Force ROTC scholarship?

You do not need an AFROTC scholarship to participate in our program and can still earn a commission without obtaining an AFROTC scholarship.

How much will I get paid while in Air Force ROTC at UNC?

Scholarship cadets have their tuition paid as well as a textbook entitlement ($900/yr) and a monthly stipend ($300-$500/mo). Contracted cadets (those who have committed to joining the Air Force, but who may or may not have a scholarship) receive a monthly stipend ($450-500/mo).

How long is my commitment?

You incur commitment once you begin your junior year OR you activate a scholarship. This is called “contracting.”

Upon graduation, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the active duty Air Force. Typically, the service commitment is 4 years upon commissioning. Pilots, Combat System Officers, doctors and lawyers have an extended commitment. Pilots serve a minimum of 10 years, Combat Systems Officers, Air Battle Managers and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilots must serve a 6-year commitment. Doctors and lawyers serve the equivalent to their years of education in their field.

Do I have to wake up early if I am in Air Force ROTC?

No! Detachment 590 at UNC is unique among the other branches of ROTC on campus in that we PT in the afternoons. We want to ensure our cadets can have healthy sleep schedules and academic success, so we moved PT to the afternoons!