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There is more to AFROTC than simply AERO classes, LLAB, and PT. Cadets have incredible opportunities and exclusive access to a multitude of activities for professional development, volunteering, or simply for fun.

Base visits

At least once a year, cadets go on a base visit to enhance their understanding of the operational Air Force. Base visits will give you an inside look at life in the U.S. Air Force. Not only will you see all the amenities that are available to Airmen and their families, but you’ll also get a real-world glimpse into your future as you shadow active duty officers. Most recently, cadets visited to Joint Base Charleston, and flew there on a C-17 Globemaster. Base visits are interactive experiences and showcase many different jobs in the Air Force.

AAS fam

Arnold Air Society

AAS is a professional, honorary service organization advocating the support of air and space power. The primary objectives of the Arnold Air Society are to: (1) create a more efficient relationship among Air Force officer candidates; (2) aid in the development of effective officers; and (3) further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the Air Force. AAS service projects are the main vehicle through which the objectives are accomplished. They provide leadership and management challenges and give campus and community recognition for Air Force ROTC and the USAF.

Color Guard

Cadets who choose to participate in Color Guard receive specialized drill training and have the privilege of presenting the colors at numerous sporting events and military functions throughout the academic year. Most notably, cadets in Color Guard may have the honor of presenting the colors at the annual UNC vs. Duke basketball games!

incentive flights

Incentive Flights

Air Force ROTC has a partnership with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) to offer up to 4 incentive flights with cadets! This means you can experience the joy of flight for free through ROTC. Often the flights will fly over the mountains to see the view or fly over Chapel Hill to see your home from above!

girls volunteering

Service Opportunities

Service is a core component of what we do here at Det 590. One example is volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. We were able assist in building houses for those who need it in our community. Not only was it a great way to give back, it taught cadets  useful skills such as wood-working, painting, and other essentials of basic construction. Working together as a team, and under the direction of the great staff of Habitat, we got a first hand look at what a little blood, sweat, and tears can really mean to those who we will one day serve.

Dining in, Dining out, Military Ball

Throughout the year, the unit hosts several social functions where cadets have the opportunity to dress up in either civilian or military dress attire. These events include Combat Dining In, Dining Out, and Military Ball. In the fall, cadets attend Combat Dining In which a relaxed, yet professional, function where cadets are giving the opportunity to poke fun at their peers and enjoy an relaxed evening.  Sometime in the spring semester, we host a military ball. The Military Ball is an opportunity for cadets, cadre, and guests to interact in a social, albeit formal, setting. At the end of the spring semester, the Duke and UNC AFROTC cadets come together for a last social event called Dining Out. This is a formal dinner with a guest speaker but, as you would expect, there’s a lot of good-natured rivalry.