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The ROTC (Naval) Armory was built in 1942 by the US Navy for training purposes during World War II. Former President Gerald Ford and professional baseball player Ted Williams trained here with the UNC Navy ROTC program.

In 1962, the structural system of the entire building was renovated.

In 1982, alterations in the Armory’s main office area were made to increase efficiency of space use and to provide for expanded services. Improvements were made in the existing wall finishes and the electrical and air conditioning system was upgraded.

The Air Force ROTC unit has been on the UNC campus since 1947. The unit was housed in Chase Hall for many years.

In 1996, AFROTC moved into the Armory. The Armory now houses the Air Force, Army and Navy ROTC programs. They share the Drill Deck and two classrooms located in the Armory.

Air Force ROTC Detachment 590 has six staff offices, a reception area, a workroom, uniform storage area, conference room/library and cadet lounge. The Fulcher Conference Room was dedicated and furnished in Spring 2001. It was dedicated to the memory of former Personnel NCO and Administrative Assistant Harold “Lee” Fulcher, who served Det 590 from 1989-2000. The Clodfelter Cadet Lounge was named in honor of Lt Col Mark Clodfelter in Spring 2001. Clodfelter served as Det 590 PAS from 1994-1997. All cadre offices and the detachment reception area were redecorated with new furniture in Spring 2001.  The Fulcher Conference Room and Clodfelter Cadet Lounge were painted and redecorated in June 2004.

AFROTC continues to share a classroom with Army ROTC. The Drill Deck, located in the middle of the ROTC Armory, is shared by all three ROTC units.