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Department of Aerospace Studies

The Department of Aerospace Studies administers the United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Program and has been an integral part of the University’s tradition of scholarship, excellence, and achievement since 1947. As the University continues its pursuit of excellence as the nation’s oldest state liberal arts university, Air Force ROTC will continue to develop outstanding officers who will serve the nation.

Air Force ROTC offers undergraduate students many opportunities. These include specialized academics, scholarships and financial assistance, applied professional training, job placement, and a variety of extracurricular activities. In many ways, Air Force ROTC is more than a department in the College of Arts and Sciences. It is also a professional organization designed to provide students growth and development opportunities beyond the classroom. Air Force ROTC cadets learn and develop personnel management and leadership talents through hands-on experience both inside and outside of the traditional classroom setting.

The Air Force ROTC Program

AFROTC is not a major; cadets take ROTC courses in addition to the courses in their chosen major.  The first two years of the program are referred to as the General Military Course (GMC) and are designed to introduce the cadet/student to the Air Force and the broad opportunities offered. With this information, a student can make an informed decision on whether the Air Force interests him or her.  A one-hour class and a two-hour Leadership Lab (0 credit) meets once a week and is required for all GMC cadets. A student may enter, or leave, Air Force ROTC at any point while in the GMC unless obligated by scholarship.

The second two years are referred to as the Professional Officer Course (POC) and are designed to prepare an officer candidate to become a commissioned officer (Second Lieutenant) in the United States Air Force. These courses meet twice a week (three credit hour class), with a two-hour Leadership Lab (0 credit) once a week. Entry into the POC is competitive.

The minimum requirement for entry into the program is to be a full-time student at the University. Minimum requirements for consideration to enter the last two years of the program include a 2.5 GPA, U.S. citizenship, medical qualification, passing a physical fitness test, and achieving minimum scores on the Air Force Officer’s Qualification Test (AFOQT).

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