Summer Programs

        Category I


Air Force Academy Freefall (AFAFF)

Soaring (SOAR)

Space Orientation (SO)

Operation Air Force (OPS AF)

International Immersion Program (IIP)



What is Project GO?  Project GO is a DoD-funded initiative to help ROTC students learn critical languages and study abroad.  US military needs officers who know critical languages and understand other cultures.  Therefore, the DoD is offering students via Project GO the opportunity to:

– Compete for a language study scholarship

– Compete for a fully-funded study abroad program

– Participate in summer programs and some academic year options

– Participate with no additional service commitment

What’s in it for me?  Depending on the programs, cadets may be eligible for bonuses, stipends and language incentive pay as well as free study abroad opportunities.  They may also be offered unique career and leadership opportunities later on in their military careers.

Who is eligible?

– Any current contracted or non-contracted ROTC student on track to commission

– All services- Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC and Navy ROTC

– Any year of undergraduate study with any language proficiency level

Cadets apply by: 

– Visit the Project GO website

– Find a program in a Project GO university

– Apply directly to that program

– Notify ROTC cadre if selected for the program


For more information about Project GO language scholarships, e-mail, call 480-727-6158 and visit Project GO website


Please contact the POC below if you have any questions.

Marina Akins

Project GO Coordinator

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ 85287-4202

Phone: 480 965 4188

Fax: 480 965 1700


Air Force Foreign Language Flagship Scholarship Program

(Forward to Regions on 4 Sep 13) 


The Air Force is now offering scholarships to Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) students under the Air Force Foreign Language Flagship Scholarship Program to meet the needs of the Air Force based on the Air Force Strategic Language List.  The program is designed to allow students to study at 1 of the 22 Language Flagship institutions focusing on Arabic, Chinese, Hindi Urdu, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, and Turkish, with the goal of Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Level 3 proficiency upon completion of the program.


The Air Force Foreign Language Flagship Scholarship Program is a joint initiative between Air Force ROTC and the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO).  Air Force ROTC will award a maximum of 4-year scholarships and DLNSEO will provide funding for the fifth year Capstone program overseas as well as attendance to intensive summer language programs, as needed, to Air Force ROTC students who successfully qualify for one of the Flagship programs.  Air Force ROTC students need to meet The Language Flagship program language proficiency requirements for participation in selected summer language programs and the fifth year overseas Capstone program.  The Language Flagship is an initiative of DLNSEO which promotes partnership between the federal government and the education community with the goal of building language programs that produce professionally proficient language speakers. 


To be eligible for the scholarship, Air Force ROTC students must be enrolled in one of the Language Flagship programs ( and meet the following criteria:


     – Be an AS-100 or AS-200 cadet

     – Meet Air Force ROTC cadet membership criteria (see AFROTCI 36-2011, paragraph 4.2)

     – Possess a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5

     – Possess a term GPA of at least 2.5

     – DoDMERB completed and certified

     – Passing physical fitness assessment (PFA) for the current term, if medically exempted from

       PFA, passing PFA from previous term

     – At least one standardized test (ACT, SAT or AFOQT) score in WINGS to calculate SAT-E.

       Cadets are authorized to take the AFOQT early if they lack SAT or ACT scores, but it will

       Count as one of their two authorized attempts.


The Air Force ROTC universities identified for Flagship degree granting authority are listed below:



Michigan State University (Detachment 380)

University of Oklahoma (Detachment 675)

University of Texas – Austin (Detachment 825)

University of Maryland – College Park (Detachment 330)



Arizona State University (Detachment 025)

Georgia Tech University (Detachment 165)

Indiana University (Detachment 215)

University of Mississippi (Detachment 430)

Brigham Young University (Detachment 855)



University of Hawaii (Detachment 175)


Hindi Urdu

University of Texas – Austin (Detachment 825)



University of Maryland – College Park (Detachment 330)



University of Georgia (Detachment 160)



University of California – Los Angeles (Detachment 055)

University of Wisconsin – Madison (Detachment 925)


Swahili and Turkish

Indiana University (Detachment 215)


For additional information on the scholarship program, contact Mr. Jack Sanders at (334) 953-2654,, Capt Ken Wu at 334-953-3408,, or Ms. Pearlene Patterson at (334) 953-7945,

Category II


Operation Air Force – OSI (OPS AF-OSI)

Cadet Cultural/Language Immersion Program (CCIP/CLIP)

Olmsted Cultural Immersion Program (OCIP)

   Category III

Advanced Course in Engineering (ACE)


ACE Mission – The ACE program develops cadets into the next-generation of cyberspace leaders through education, problem-solving, military internship and weekly physical training.  Formal educational components cover information warfare, cryptography, network security, digital forensics, wireless security and software reverse engineering.  In addition, ACE provides professional reading, military focused discussions and staff rides, which incorporate the importance of lessons learned from recent cyber conflicts and historic battlefields.  Hands-on internships with AFIT faculty, the Air Force Research Laboratory and other units on Wright-Patterson AFB provide a unique opportunity to participate in research and contribute to the missions of distinguished Air Force centers.

For more information about ACE, please contact Capt Kristen Engle, ACE Program Manager, Comm: (937) 255-3636 ext 4701 or DSN:  785-3636 ext 4701

ACE Location:  Wright-Patterson AFB OH

Dates for 2014:   TBD

Application deadline:  TBD


To Apply:


ACE General Information


ACE Det CC Recruitment Letter

ACE Prerequisites:

– Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering juniors/seniors

– CUM GPA >2.75

– US Citizens

– Secret Clearance

ACE is a summer program for ROTC cadets studying computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering. The program consists of instructional components, cyber war games, hands-on internships and cyber officer development days that focus on the study of cyber as a revolution in military affairs.

AFIT professors as well as civilian and military domain experts from the defense industry teach the instructional units. Topics include information warfare, cryptography, network security, digital forensics, wireless security and software reverse engineering concepts. The cyber war games serve as a capstone exercise for students to test the skills they learned throughout the 8-week course.

Hands-on internships occur 3 days a week. The internship partners include AFIT faculty, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the 711th Human Performance Wing, 88th Communications Group and SAIC. Students fulfill internships in a variety of disciplines and research areas.

Officer development includes career briefs, professional reading, intense physical training and discussions about lessons learned from recent cyber conflicts as well as historic battlefields. The officer development component focuses on the importance of being an Air Force officer first and using cyber warrior knowledge to support the officer role

National Reconnaissance Office

Summer Research Program (NRO-SRP)

Dates:  8 June – 19 July 2014

The NRO is a research and development-based program for Service Academies and ROTC that offers select cadets and midshipmen first-hand exposure to technical government research and development (R&D) programs.  These specialized R&D programs offer insight into NRO’s mission, operations, the US Intelligence Community and real-world technical research.  In addition, NRO SRP offers the opportunity to develop core skills in the areas of leadership, team building, collaboration, and communication. 

Please e-mail your cadet’s name/application to no later than 25 october 2013

The cadet must meet the following criteria:

a.  Must be a Cadet or Midshipmen.

b.  Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

c.  Major in:

(1)  Physics

(2)  Mathematics

(3)  Electrical Engineering

(4)  Astronautical Engineering

(5)  Aerospace Engineering

(6)  Mechanical Engineering

(7)  Computer Engineering

(8)  Atmospheric Science

(9)  Computer Science

(10)  Operations Research or Systems Engineering

d.  Must be a US Citizen.

e.  Must provide a college transcript.

f.  Non-scholarship applicants will not receive per diem during their internship.  Scholarship cadets will receive per diem during the internship.

g. AS300 cadets and above are eligible to apply.

h. Cadets must have completed FT before attending. 

i. Cadets must have 1 semester left in school to return to.


Once the cadets are selected, they are required to obtain a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security clearance which requires a background investigation and a polygraph.  The NRO pays all expenses associated with the security clearance and polygraph. 

Point of contact for this application process is Ms. Toni Wade at COMM (334) 953-2816 or DSN 493-2816 or E-mail

See the attached flyer (NRO SRP Flyer) for the criteria/requirements for the program.  

Cadets need to complete the attached form(NRO SRP Application Form) and send to NLT 1 NOV 13.

A senior board will be reviewing the application forms and making a final selection LATE NOVEMBER

NRO looks forward to working with your cadet.  Please to contact Mr. Ken Phillips at Comm (703) 808-2067 or E-mail (unclass)


Air Force Research Laboratory Information Assurance Internship Program (IAIP)


Dates: 28 May to 8 August 2014


The Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate invites Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) cadets to participate in the FY14 Information Assurance Internship Program, 28 May 2014 to 8 August 2014, in Rome NY (Atch 1)


The Information Directorate seeks outstanding undergraduate students for a paid research internship.  The summer 2014 internship focuses on the science of mission assurance in a cloud computing environment, with emphasis on assuring Air Force mission essential functions in a contested environment.  We invite applications from juniors and seniors to apply.  (Atch 2)


To apply the cadet must meet the following criteria:


        a.  Must be a US citizenship

        b.  Must qualify for a DoD security clearance

        c.  Must major in one of the following: 


(1)  Mathematics

(2)  Computer Engineering

(3)  Electrical Engineering

(4)  Physics

(5)  Computer Science


Please email the following information to: NLT 7 Dec 13 midnight EST.  Combine all documents below into a single PDF file for submission.


        a.  Must provide a resume.

        b.  Must provide an unofficial transcript.

        c.  Must provide a 100-word biography.

        d.  Must provide 2 letters of recommendations.

        e.  Must provide a headshot photo.


All cadets are required to email the PDF FILE application to NLT 7 Dec 13 midnight EST.  The application form must be typed.


For more detailed information regarding IAIP intern, please contact Regina Recco, Director of Operations via email or comm (315)330-4370 or (315)330-4833.


Special Tactics Officers 2014 PDT

The program will be held at Hurlburt Field FL. The dates for 2014 TBD.

  • Cadets must be a male
  • Completed AFROTC Field Training
  • Be in good standing with AFROTC and college academic programs
  • Must have a current score of a 90 and above on AFPFT
  • Must be unclassified in any AFSC
  • Must be at least 18 months from projected commissioning date
  • Must be able to fully participate in physically challenging events
  • Must not have any known disqualifying medical conditions

Cadets must submit application via email NLT TBD.

– A one-page personal resume.


– A self-assessment (format attached) against the Special Tactics attributes: Physical Fitness, Mental Agility, Professionalism, Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Initiative, Psychological Stability and Motivation. Score yourself from 1-10 (1 being “poor”, 10 being “excellent”) against each attribute, and include brief explanations for your scores. This assessment should be an honest reflection of your strengths and weaknesses. Self-assessment is a vital function of leaders in Special Tactics.

– Form showing current “Excellent” score on AFPFT.

– A one-page recommendation from an officer in your ROTC detachment that knows you well.

Scan and email the completed applications to

ROTC PDT Application

ROTC Writing Assignment

Direct questions about the STO career field and STO selection process to the Special Tactics Assessment Director.

371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron
357 Tully Street
Hurlburt Field, FL 32544
DSN: 579-1442
COM: (850) 884-1442

Selectee release date: TBD



Field Engineering Readiness Lab (FERL)

Nurse Orientation Program (NOP)