Thank you for your interest in AFROTC here at Detachment 590!

I am SSgt Jonathan Kelly the NCOIC of Administration.  TSgt Britiane Graham, the cadet Personnel NCOIC, and myself

will be taking care of all of your records ensuring you are qualified and remain qualified throughout your time with

us and ultimately are able to commission into the United States Air Force.


In order for us to successfully establish a record on you, We will need you to turn in the following documentation:




–  AFROTC Form 28  Please print out this form and take to your primary care doctor for completion. 

You will not be allowed to participate in our physical fitness sessions until this form is completed.

**Note HSSP recipients do not require this item, your DoDMERB will suffice.**


–  SAT and/or ACT Scores Obtain your scores and have with you on hand.


– Original birth certificate Cadet must be a US citizen, either by birth or by naturalization. The applicant has burden of

proof for citizenship. Substantiation must be in the form of an original or true copy (raised seal) birth certificate that has

been filed through vital statistics.

**Note COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED your certificate must be in original form.  We will make a copy of the original!


– Original Social Security Number (SSN) card Each applicant must possess a SSN when enlisted. If you do not possess or have

lost your SSN card, refer to nearest Social Security Administration.

**Note COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED your SSN card must be in original form.  We will make a copy of the original!




–  If you have any JROTC/Eagle Scout/Civil Air Patrol Awards background experience, please ensure you obtain/provide the

proper documentation to me (usually a certificate).

**Note AFJROTC Form 310, AFJROTC Certificate of Completion, or AF Form 1256, Certificate of Training, is the only acceptable

documents to verify successful completion of AFJROTC. Similar certificates from the other services or high school transcripts

may be used to verify junior ROTC completion in another service. 


** You must also register for AERO 500 along with another AERO class depending on what year you are in order to participate as a cadet**
(((Freshmen: AERO 101 (Fall) AERO 102 (Spring))))
(((Sophomore: AERO 201 (Fall) AERO 202 (Spring)))


You will also need to create an account in WINGS and complete your profile prior to arriving at the detachment. You can use THESE REFERENCE SLIDES to help you navigate WINGS and complete this process. 
If you are having trouble completing this process then please let us know. Thanks!